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Our Pastors and Leaders take responsibility in praying and caring for our spiritual lives 

Steve & Wendy

Senior Pastors

Pastors Steve and Wendy Cowan took over Eden Hill Church in October 2007, and in 2016 the name was changed as they moved out of the area. Destiny Christian Centre was formed. Their call to ministry has been an adventurous journey of faith in following the call of God in their lives. 


For Pastors Steve and Wendy, that adventure began in the mid 1980's, when they stepped into a vibrant church in Midland, Western Australia. A few years later, they were presented with a missionary opportunity in Papua New Guinea, and coming from a long line of missionaries, they answered the call and spent the next four years watching God do the miraculous in a small hut. Since that time, the journey has taken them from New Zealand, back to Australia, to the U.S., the Middle East, England, until God brought them back to their home in Perth to lead and pastor this amazing church at Eden Hill. 


Pastors Steve and Wendy are looking forward to the continued journey at Destiny Christian Centre. A journey where God's love will draw many hearts to come to know Him and be changed forever. 


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